How to start affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Pretty much everybody is on Facebook these days, no matter what you do, how old you are, you always find time to scroll through feed on Facebook at least 3 times a day!

For affiliate marketers this is an enormous opportunity as the audience is already there on Facebook all you need to create a well-crafted post to get the attention of that Facebook algorithm.

So how do you start affiliate marketing on Facebook?

Share on your feed!

The easiest way to get things started is to share your affiliate marketing posts on your personal page, this may not be the most efficient way to get the sales, but you will have a set of people who you know and trust since it’s your personal page.

What you can do here is try out unique types of post, different wording, distinct styles and see what gets you the most engagement, an excellent way to learn what works and what doesn’t, before you take the more professional steps.

Create a Facebook Group

Create a Facebook group with a clear niche in mind to attract the crowd to join your group. Understand the demographics of the audience to better promote the services and products to them. Get posts or creatives that resonate well with these audiences.

The thing about Facebook group is that you can start with a few of your friends a family member who already know and trust in what you do, and their engagement in your posts will give it the exposure and the push it need to reach others.

The one point you should remember here is to not letting your posts appear spammy, it does not look good is you keep posting affiliate links on your page all the time, mix it up post about the products and services in your niche, ask your audience some question (polls work well), do an AMA section. This will project an environment of trust and honestly, which will be a very important pillar of your group’s success.

Create a Facebook Page.

Creating a Facebook page is an excellent idea if you already own a blog. You can post your blogs and affiliate links directly on the Facebook page. Unlike groups a Facebook page serves the purpose of keeping the audience informed, as there the engagement levels are much lower than compared to a Facebook group.

Claim your vanity URL for your Facebook Page to boost your Facebook SEO game. A vanity URL is a shortened custom URL you can set for your page.

For EX

Original URL -

Vanity URL -

But the most beautiful thing about Facebook pages is that you can boost your posts! Which means you can reach more audience by boosting the right post.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an effective way to widen your audience if done right, it could be a big factor in increasing your affiliate sales by some margins. The best thing to try here is to include an image in the post, make sure the image is eye-catching.

Capture email ids using by using Facebook ads, an effortless way of doing this is by giving away some freebies, audience like to get some freebies and they will be more than happy to give their email id in return. Giving them a free e-book, and how to manual etc should do the trick.

So now that you have a way to capture your audience’s attention, the next step is to convert them.

Build a bridge page

A grand way to give more information to your audience after they click on one of your Facebook post/ads is to build a bridge page.

A bridge page will help you in

  • Saying hello to your audience after they leave the Facebook

  • Providing them with all the information about your product

  • Converting a potential lead to customer

Your bridge should have all the information on exactly what your audience is getting.

Always remember building an audience takes time, be patient and keep posting about your niche on your groups, the audience will come.

Affiliate marketing on Facebook is all about

  • Building trust

  • Giving value to your audience

  • and to be helpful to your audience

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