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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Recruiting is one of the most important job requirements for an affiliate manager, knowing which affiliates to recruiting will break or make your affiliate program.

Here are some tips and tricks I use while I recruit affiliates.

Before you go out and start the recruitment process, make sure you have set goals or a checklist for your affiliates, the checklist can include–minimum site/blog traffic, number of subscribers on social media, Email database strength.

The checklist will always ensure that the affiliate you approach will get you the results once they sign up. Once the checklist is ready, you can now screen the affiliates.

Screening is one of the most important aspects of affiliate recruitment.

How do you screen an affiliate?

  1. Welcome Mail Whenever fresh affiliate signs up, make sure you sent out a welcome mail to acknowledge the sign up.

  2. 1-on-1 Meeting It’s always an excellent idea to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with the affiliate to know exactly how they will fit in your program. The best way to schedule a meeting is by adding your Calendly link to the welcome mail.

  3. Social media links Make sure you grab the social media links of the affiliates to verify they are legit. Connecting with them on Linked In should serve this purpose well as Linked In is more of a professional space and people tend to add more relevant information on the platform.

  4. The Meeting The checklist comes into effect here, you can cross-check if the affiliates match your criteria during the meeting ask for all the promotional channels and the promotional methods they have to test/evaluate their application.

  5. Clear all doubts Take this opportunity to ask them if they have any queries regarding the program or the brands/deals.

  6. T&C Share your T&C link to the affiliates and explain some do’s and do not’s, payment threshold, payment methods available, etc this will help the affiliate better understand your T&C and work better together.

Once the call gets wrapped up analyze the data you got from the call to ensure the affiliate will be a good fit for your program.

Decision time

When all the analyses get completed its time to decide if the application is suitable for your program or not.

Here’s what I do in both these scenarios.

  • Scenario 1 – Application Approval I send the affiliate an acknowledgment mail with details on how to access the dashboard, the current deals available, creatives available to them, etc. I use Loom to give a tutorial on how to grab links and creatives this will add a personal touch and hence help build a beneficial relationship with the affiliate.

  • Scenario 2 – Application Denial Handle this scenario delicately. Let the affiliate know exactly why you are rejecting the application and what they do to improve. Let them know that they can always reapply when they have strong enough traffic/content. Meanwhile, you will keep the application open (in processing) so they have time to make the improvements.

Setting your own goals while recruiting will always ensure that you have quality affiliates who have quality traffic to ensure the success of your affiliate program.

Another part of affiliate screening is monitoring affiliate activity for policy/T&C violations.

This is one of the most crucial steps in affiliate marketing. As an affiliate network/program your T&C and policies will be affiliate might miss some of those policies while promoting.

  1. Always dedicate 1hrs of your work hours every day to monitor for violations.

  2. Make a list of your best affiliates along with their sites and conduct an audit

  3. Advice the affiliates if you see any violations to correct them immediately.

Always remember building a better communication with the affiliates will always be a boon to you.

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