How to use your blog for Affiliate Marketing

We all can agree Affiliate marketing is the one the most efficient way to earn passive income and one of the best ways to start earning passive income is by integrating affiliate marketing products into your blog!

What products to integrate?

Selecting what product or software to integrate into your blog should be one the biggest decisions you take, most bloggers select the products or software according to their niche, as this will be easier to integrate into for example if you have a blog which deals with the design and social media post you can integrate Canva into the blog post.

The most important thing to remember here is to integrate products or services that you are writing about, give the audience the right information, the pros and cons, or a comparison with a similar product and then give them an option to buy the said products or services via your affiliate link.

Adding something that’s not related to your blog will mislead your audience since they are in your blog to read about a certain product or services and displaying ads or links of another product will make them lose interest in your blog and that's how most blogs lose their audience.

How effective is affiliate marketing for Blogging? These days everyone has understood the effectiveness of affiliate marketing and since blogging has a very strong audience, an audience who relies on your reviews and articles to make a decision whether to buy a product or to give it a miss, brands have identified this as evident for the large digital spending they do.

Looking at the stats 81% of the brands and 84% of publishers have used affiliate marketing which means there is a huge opportunity for the bloggers to get out there and leverage this! And FYI Fashion and sports goods industries are the major players here (33% combined).

The potential to earn some good commission is always present in affiliate marketing. All you have to do is keep writing, and most importantly have patience. It will take some time for your blog to gain the audience attention before you start to sell your affiliate products or services to them.

How do I promote affiliate marketing products in my blog?

In order to earn the commissions for the affiliate programs you need to promote the affiliate products or services in your blog to get the maximum visibility from your audience. There are a few ways to promote affiliate marketing products in your blog, here are the top 5 ways to do it.

  1. Review Post

  2. Coupon Codes

  3. Featured Post

  4. Promotion Blog Post

  5. Banner Promotions

Review Post

One of the best ways to integrate affiliate marketing products - “write a review post”.

A review post introduces your audience to the product or service you are promoting, and your honest opinion about the product or service helps them get a better understanding of the product or service which would ultimately lead them to buy the product or service.

Some of the things you should keep in mind while writing a review blog

Personal touch - Give the audience your personal experience with the product

Honesty - Your audience trust you! Give them an honest opinion.

Review a product that you have personally used.

Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes are a very big strategy to get the user to buy a product on your affiliate marketing blog!

A user visits your page, reads about the products sees the coupon code and uses it to get a discount or free credits for the product, here the blogger uses the money-saving mentality of the user to get attention to the product and then ultimately to buy it.

Most of the coupon code sites use a “Reveal my code” or “view code” or “click to view” technique so that the user clicks on a certain button to reveal the code, this is done to drop cookies.

Example: Here's how Coupon Duniya has done it

Featured Post

Pinning one of your blogs as the featured post is a good way to get your affiliate links some visibility. A featured post will be always on the top of your blog page which means that a particular post will have the highest visibility among your blog posts.

If you have a pillar post on your blog you should definitely use it as a featured post it should definitely help with the SEO and the audience will always love a well written blog which should help in attracting some loyal followers.

Promotion Blog Post

Promotion blog posts are all about right a highly targeted article about a product you are promoting and including the affiliate links in the articles.

The promotion blog post should include the keywords intended for the product.

For example : The best “Product Name” site

“Product Name” Discount

Buy “Product Name” Online

You can write a blog which gives information or an How to or a tutorial blog which helps your users to understand the product better, which in turn will increase the audience engagement of your posts.

Banner Promotions

Banner promotions on your website work well if you have a targeted organic traffic coming in. Banner ads are always a good way to get the attention of your audience.

You have two places to add your banner

  1. Sidebar

  2. In the content


You have a choice of added your banner ads in 4 specific places in your blog, they are :

  1. Right

  2. Left

  3. Footer

  4. Header

In the Content

This is one of the most used strategies out there widely used by bloggers, the trick here is that your audience is coming on to your blog for the information you already have his or her attention and a well placed ad should be enough to guarantee some sales.

The best way to integrate a banner ad without disturbing your reader or audience is by placing it at the end of the article.


The primary function of blogging is not only writing a blog or sharing them, it is about engaging the audience, attracting the right audience and using your writing skills to sell him or her your products or services.

But always remember to give your audience the right information pertaining to the product or service before making them buy it via your affiliate links.

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