Creatives ideas for your Affiliate Marketing Project

We all know affiliate marketing is one the BEST opportunity to transform your projects be it your blog or a site into a money-making machine. But

affiliate marketing is not about adding an affiliate link, it's about marketing your project properly with creative ideas and making your project stand out and gain some attention which will help you in the long run.

The content you provide should always compel the reader to take notice of the product you are selling and get them to click on your affiliate links. The best way to do this is to provide honest and engaging content about the product and gain the trust of the audience as well as their attention.

So with any further ado, here are some creative ideas to make your audience take that smart purchasing decision and help you earn a fortune with your affiliate links.

  1. How-to articles

  2. Product reviews

  3. Listicles

  4. Product comparison

  5. Informational videos

  6. Tutorial video

  7. Webinars

How-to articles

How-to articles are blogs that deal with a tutorial like set up to let the audience how to use a certain product or software.

There are a few ways to integrate your affiliate links here

How-to affiliate marketing
  1. You can write an article about how to use a certain product (preferably the affiliate product you want to promote) and leave an affiliate link for the audience to check out

  2. Or you can write about how to do a certain thing like “How to schedule Instagram posts” and suggest the affiliate product you are promoting.

Having a good knowledge of the products or software beforehand will be a very good advantage to get started on How To Articles, so make sure you use the product or software yourself to get a better understanding.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are one of the most common and the easiest ways to promote your affiliate products, all you have to do is write your views and opinions about the affiliate product, what are the pros and cons (heavy on the pros since you want them to click on your affiliate links).

The main goal here is to give honest and informative insight into the product for your audience to help them make the buying decision easier, so be honest and give them your experiences regarding the product, including images and snapshots of the product to grab the attention of the audience.


A simple round-up of similar products or items will be very valuable to your audience.

Listing out products (companion products or accessories) will help your audience to get information about products at the same place and save time searching for individual products one by one.

Lists affiliate marketing

One example I can give is listing out the accessories for the latest phone.

Listicles are basically a short worded review of items or related products which gives the audience a brief look at the products at the same place. The audience can decide to buy or pass certain products according to their needs.

Product comparisons

Another popular choice for affiliate marketers is the product comparison blogs, wherein two or more similar products are compared and rated according to the ease of use, price, availability, etc.

The advantage here is that you can promote more than one product (affiliate link) here. These kinds of blogs help the audience to decide which product to go according to their requirements such as budget, useability, etc.

The pros and cons of the products are listed for the audience to better gauge the products and ultimately make the buying decision. The chances of the audience checking out the affiliate link are very high since there is more than one product up for the review and the comparison way of writing the blog piques their curiosity more.

Informational Videos

While blogs are a very effective way of giving out useful information, most people tend to react more to a visual medium which is exactly why informational videos are very popular among the masses. These informational videos are usually “How To Videos” explaining how the product is used.

Creating a video that explains the benefits (pros and cons) of the product you are promoting will be a very effective way to grab the audience's attention and curiosity. You can either create a standalone video for the product you are promoting or combine the blog and the video i.e. embed your video to a blog of a similar or the same product along with your affiliate links.

Videos that tend to explain the user experience about the product, wherein you the reviewer will share your experience and excitement about a certain product, the audience will get to share the experience and the excitement along with you building a curiosity about the product.

A good example of these review videos is the very popular “Unboxing Videos” where the reviewer is unboxing or opening the packaging of a new or latest product and sharing his or her experience with the packaging. The audience here can feel the genuine excitement of the reviewer which generally builds their curiosity and ultimately make them click on the affiliate links.

Tutorial Videos

These are the kind of videos that are instructional or educational in nature i.e. they are mostly videos which that deal with knowledge transfer. The creator lets the viewers know how a certain product or software works and shows the viewers the basic operations or functional in the product or software are generally done.

The most popular type of tutorials are educational videos, wherein the video creator educates the audience on a certain subject, usually something that helps them build their careers or lets them excel in school or college tests.


One of the best ways to bring attention to the affiliate product you are selling is by scheduling a webinar where you let your audience ask you or your guest questions about the subject of the webinar.

The beauty of webinars is that you can show your audience exactly how the product works and also clear any doubts or questions they have about the product in realtime. This helps you to build trust and keep your engagement with your audience honest. Most affiliates these days prefer to do a webinar usually an interview type webinar where an industry expert is invited as a guest to ensure a high-quality QA.

Webinar affiliate marketing

So that’s it for creatives ideas for your affiliate marketing project, you can mix and match any of these ideas to add more value to your project.

Whatever type of ideas you use in your affiliate marketing project always make sure to put in an honest and trustful content to your audience, because the key here is always to give your 100% to your audience as they are the ones making the final decision to buy and a happy audience always keeps coming back!

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