How to set up an Affiliate Sign up Page for your Affiliate Program.

So you have decided to start your own affiliate program to compliment your great products or services and believe me when I saw this “Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to increase the flow of customers to your products or services”.

You have two options here,

  • Build an affiliate program from scratch or

  • Hire a 3rd party software provider.

The second option is easiest to manage, since all the set will be handled by the 3rd party, but if you want more control over your affiliate program I suggest building from scratch, but this will take time and extra man power to set up and manage.

Now that you have selected the Affiliate Program software, the net step is to set up an affiliate sign up page on your site.

Make sure your page has good visibility on your site, according to the stats around 35% of your customer themselves are affiliates. So it would be a very good idea to add an affiliate page to your site! Most affiliate programs place the page links on the footer, but sometimes it may not be noticed by your visitors. So placing your affiliate sign up page link right in the menu bar will be a good idea. (Although most affiliate program don't follow this)

The main points to note while setting up an affiliate sign up page are the following.

  1. Program Description (Introduction)

  2. Commission Description

  3. Testimonial Section

  4. General Policy Links

  5. The Sign up Button

  6. Contact Information

  7. Additional Information

Program Description (Introduction) This is where your potential affiliates will get all the information about your affiliate program. Make sure you include all the salient features and services you provide to the affiliates here. Let your affiliates know why they are joining the program add a tagline. This short description is where you sell your program to your affiliates. You can mention things like – “No financial obligation to join”, “Own Dashboard access”, “Free to join” You can choose to include your payment options and the payment schedule Here’s what AppSumo have done

Ebay has a video introduction.

Commission Description The next section is the where you introduce the commissions you offer to the affiliate. This is the part where most of the affiliates will be interested in the most, list out the commission structures you offer make it as eye catching as possible. Commissions should be crystal clear and easy to understand. Give an ex of how much an affiliate can potentially earn from your program

  • Earn 30% commission rate on every sale you make!

  • Refer 10 customers and earn a minimum of $150

The Betsson Group commission description is up to the point

Testimonial Section A testimonial section will do wonders for your affiliate program, It can act as a bargaining tool when you are trying to land an affiliate deal! You can offer a backlink (Follow or no follow) in the guise of a testimonial to the affiliates, its a win-win situation for both the parties, you get a glittering review of your affiliate program and the affiliates get a backlink for their sites!

The testimonial section at Galaxy Affiliates.

General Policy Links The General policy, T&C or the terms of services explains the details of your program and establishes an agreement between you and your affiliates. Providing a link on the affiliate sign up page will display a transparency to your program further allowing in the building of trust with the affiliates. The links can be placed in the footer of the page, allowing the affiliates to access it easily.

The Sign up Button The most important part of the page is the sign up button! This is the call to action button which redirects the affiliates to the sing up form to apply for the affiliate program. Make it visible by placing it at the top of the page, you can also place it below the Program Introduction section and the commission description section. Here’s an example of how SaaS mantra has done it, They have placed the button right at the top of the page.

Contact Info Lastly include your contact information. Some affiliates who may be a newbie and need more information or help to understand more about the program. Or an experienced affiliate might need to know about the specifics of the commission structure or the services provided to the affiliates.

Additional Information You can add another section to the page, where you can introduce your affiliate manager, or share your social media links, product information, feedback forms anything more you think of to add in the sign up page to enhance the affiliates experience. The more information you provide the more affiliates will trust you, this will in turn allow you to build a very lasting relationship with your affiliates. Adding an affiliate page also lets you get some SEO done, which will be a useful way to attract more affiliates to your program!

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