9 software tools useful for an Affiliate Manager

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

As an affiliate manager, I use many tools that help me be more productive over the day and also an advantage over others.

Some of them help in recruiting while others help me save some time and automate some of the processes.

Let’s look at the tools I use every day to get a head start.

#1 Similar Sites

Similar site is a brilliant tool for recruitment. All you have to do is install the chrome extension and with one click you can have all the similar sites to the one you are visiting! (with the monthly visit stats). They list the sites in the order of significance. It’s one of the best extension for affiliate marketing out there!

This will help you build your recruitment list way faster than the traditional methods.

Similar Sites is a free tool you can check it out now!

Pricing - Free


Now that's listing out all that sites are taken care of we need to extract the email ids to these sites. In comes, a powerful tool that helps you get access to the email ids of the respective sites you are on.

Basically is an email hunting tool for affiliate marketers, scraps the sites for email ids and lists out all the email ids with one click copy option.

Even if you are not able to find the email id of the person you are looking for gives you the pattern of the email

ex: Capterra uses - {firstname}

Which makes it easier for you to guess the email ids more efficiently. is an extension tool and all the data will be available with one click. You can grab it for free (50 email credits per month).


  • Free Plan - 50 request per month - $0

  • Starter Plan - 1000 request per month - $49.00/mo

  • Starter Plan - 5000 request per month - $99.00/mo

  • Pro Plan - 20,000 request per month - $199.00/mo

  • Enterprise Plan - 50,000 request per month - $399.00/mo

#3 Calendly

Calendly is a very good organizational and time saving tool for affiliate marketers, it's a calendar slot booking tool.

It lets people know exactly when you are free so they can book a meeting with you without the back and forth. It’s easy to understand.

The genius of Calendly is the mail and google calendar integration which automatically populates your google calendar and leaves you an update on your mail when someone books a slot. And it provides you with an easy to remember custom URL!

For Ex mine is nikhilcaprica.

Add your Calendly link to your signature.

It’s a free tool, but I suggest you go with the premium version.


  • Basic Plan - Free - $0

  • Premium Plan - $10/mo (Monthly Billing) & $8/mo (Annual Billing)

  • Pro Plan - $15/mo (Monthly Billing) & $12/mo (Annual Billing)


A video conferencing tool that every affiliate manager should have! is an amazing tool that helps you stay connected with your affiliates. can be integrated with Calendly to automate the booking of meeting slots. is available for free with unlimited one-on-one meeting but has a limit of 40 minutes on group meetings (100 participants).

Zoom offers crystal clear video (720p), with cloud storage for your recorded meetings, improved security, Easy user management and a 24/7 tech support.


  • Free Plan - $0

  • Pro Plan - $14.99/mo/host - Up to 9 hosts per account

  • Business Plan - $19.99/mo/host - starting at 10 hosts

  • Enterprise Plan - $19.99/mo/host - starting at 100 hosts

Alternate Tools – Skype, Google HangOut

#5 SEMRush

An amazing tool to have in your affiliate marketing kit.

Semrush is very similar to similar sites, but it has way too much information for you.

This is the best tool to research the keywords ranking of a particular site by country. My favorite part of this tool is the traffic trend tool which displays the drop and rise in traffic. The Domain Overview tool will give you an idea about the site traffic and the general growth of the traffic in the past 2 years or from the very beginning (if the data exists).

With the Domain Overview tool you can extract the following data

  • Organic traffic volume

  • Paid traffic volume

  • Number of backlinks

  • Keyword ranking

  • Traffic growth

Semrush is not a free tool, but it gives you a 10 free search credit per day.


  • Free Plan - $0 - Trial offer

  • Pro Plan - $99.95/mo

  • Guru Plan - $199.95/mo

  • Business Plan - $399.95

Alternate tools – Ahref, Ubersuggest

#6 Loom.

Loom is a brilliant little tool for communication.

It lets you record a video with an easily shareable link (custom URLs). This will be especially useful when you have to give a quick tutorial on how to grab a link or explain how certain things work in your affiliate marketing platform. Or if you want to give a quick report to your client.

Loom’s editing tools allow you to trim, edit and add a call to action’s to your video and also set the privacy to the videos you make.

This tool helps you build your reputation and trust with your affiliates since you can put your face and voice in the tutorials. Plus, it’s a big upgrade from sending out those tedious emails all the time.

Loom is a free tool with premium versions available


  • Basic Plan - $0

  • Pro Plan - $5/mo

  • Business Plan - $15/mo (per creator) includes custom branding

  • Enterprise Plan - $45/mo (per creator) includes custom branding

#7 Grammarly

Grammarly is a very helpful tool especially when you draft a lot of personalized emails to people.

Grammarly helps you catch those little spelling and grammar mistakes you make while drafting an email and it lets you know why those mistakes are getting flagged.

Grammarly has an extension tool and a web tool, a downloadable PC version, mobile app and a Microsoft add in that will continuously scan what you are writing and suggest better spelling and grammar, thus allowing your emails and content to stand out.

My favorite is the option to set the tone of the content of the email you are drafting

Grammarly setting goals

Grammarly is a free tool, but premium versions are available with AI suggested composition and plagiarism check.


  • Basic Plan - Free

  • Premium Plan - Montly: $29.95/mo, Quarterly: $19.98/mo, Annual: $11.66/mo

  • Business Plan - $12/mo/member - Min 3 member - Annual Billing

Alternate Tools – ProwritingAid, Ginger, WhiteSmoke.

#8 MailChimp

I use a lot of bulk emailing to my affiliates to keep them updated about the recent offers/developments in the affiliate program, and MailChimp is a very helpful tool for bulk emailing.

Mailchimp offers many email templates and even has an option to code your email templates, which allows you to set a template that reflects your style.

You can build your database of subscribers and save it in MailChimp which can be later used to send out the email templates with a few clicks.

You also have a verity of analytics available on the dashboard to keep track of opens, clicks, and unsubscribes.

MailChimp is a free tool but the free version has limitations for the number of subscribers you can have. I suggest using the premium version, especially if you have a vast database of affiliates and if you prefer to schedule your emails.


  • Basic Plan - Free - 2000 contacts

  • Essential Plan - $9.99/mo - 50,000 contacts

  • Standard Plan - $14.99/mo - 100,000 contacts

  • Premium Plan - $299.00/mo - 200,000+ contacts

Alternate Tools – Aweber, Active Campaign.

#9 Skype

Skype is one of the most used messaging tool in affiliate marketing, Video and file sharing options combined with group calls, and texting makes Skype a very important tool an affiliate manager can use.

All the sessions on Skype are highly encrypted with encryption algorithms making it very safe for its users.

Skype is 100% free unless any calls are placed on mobile numbers or landlines.

Alternate Tools – What’sApp, Google Handout and Telegram

Special mention - Canva Canva is a simple photo editor tool, that can enhance your mailer images, social posts, etc.

It’s an easy to use, and a time-saving tool, you don’t have to be a designer to understand the basic functions of this tool. Go ahead and try this out now!

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