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Youtube is the most popular platform to share your videos and make money, as a matter of fact by the time you read this sentence there are already hundreds of videos been uploaded to Youtube.

We have all heard of YouTubers making money out of their videos, we know one those methods is by those 30-second ads appearing at the beginning, in between and at the end of the videos. But do you know there is another way of making money? Yes! Its called YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

What is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

YouTube Affiliate marketing is a process of creating videos or integrating videos for specific affiliate products with links and information of the product to be promoted. The audience gets to understand the product via your videos and ultimately decides to buy the product via your affiliate links earning you a commission.

How do you integrate an affiliate product into your videos?

You have an option to do a product integration or do a full video for the intended product. But one of the easiest ways of integrating the affiliate products is by creating a review video for your audience. In this way, you can let your audience know exactly how the product works, what are the pros and cons of the product, and where to get the product. Adding your affiliate link in the description will let the audience find the product easily and they can also avail a special discount by using your affiliate link if there are any. By creating a review video you are giving your audience some valuable and honest information about the product.

Here are some ways you can integrate affiliate products into your Youtube Channel

  1. Review videos

  2. Tutorial videos

  3. Shout outs or mentions (Sponsor video)

  4. In direct promotions

  5. Unboxing Videos.

Review Videos A complete review of the affiliate product done by you. Explain to your viewers what your experience was with the affiliate product, what easy or difficult it was to use - Pros and Cons.

Basically your honest opinion on the product, which will help you increase your trust factor with your viewers. In most cases, the creator gives a rating to the product based on his or her experience at the end of the video, for example, a rating out 5 or 10

Tutorial videos

A tutorial video or a how-to video for the product is another way to promote your affiliate product. Show your viewers how to use the product, let them know any tips and tricks about the product so that they don’t face any problems with the product themself. Tutorial videos are one of the popular genres in the YouTube world and people tend to react more to your video when you upload a Tutorial or a review video.

You can combine both review and tutorial videos into one video but that’s totally up to you on how you get your video done.

Shout outs or mentions (Sponsor video)

Shout outs or mentions are methods used by influencers to get the viewers excited about a particular product or brand, The video creator will talk about the product or brand within the video and get the viewers aware of the brand. This is basically a sponsored video, for example, the influencer will say something like This part of the video is sponsored by “Brands Name” or Let me give a shout out at the “Brand name” who made this video possible.

In direct promotions.

Indirect use of the affiliate product in one of your video without mentioning the products name or brand, this is achieved by showing the product name or brand frequently in the videos, this will make the viewers curious about the product and hence you can drive the traffic to your affiliate links.

The best thing here is you can be doing a video about a different product or niche and still you can promote your affiliate products with disturbing the viewing quality of your videos For Example - A travel vloggers using Uber to go around the places he or she visits.

Unboxing Videos

These types of videos are very popular with electronic products wherein the YouTuber will unbox the product from its original packaging and give you his or her experience and excitement about unboxing the new product and show the viewers the contents of the packaging

The viewers look forward to unboxing videos as that might be the first time they are seeing the product and the general excitement of the unboxing the product keeps them engaged till the end of the video and inspire then into buying the product themselves.

Where Does the affiliate link go?

Of course, the video link will go in the description! But make sure you put one to three affiliate links in the description if you add many affiliate links in the description it will be an issue with YouTube since Youtube wants its viewers to be on YouTube and not to redirect them to any other page. You can mention the affiliate link in the video by giving a small shout out to your description section and alerting the viewers about the affiliate link which will be a good practice to follow for all your videos with affiliate links in the description.

Why should I do YouTube affiliate marketing?

You practically have access to a huge audience from across the globe, as YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming site in the world. You can pick and choose which products to promote and which ones to pass, you have the authority to create videos according to your ideas and creativeness you are in control here, you are your own boss! One of the other reasons why you should do YouTube affiliate marketing is the stableness of the platform compared to Facebook which is subjected to random and crazy algorithm changes.

What should I be aware of?

Be aware of the YouTube rules and policy, read them carefully, and understand them this will help you churn out some good quality videos. Always remember creating a good new and quality video content takes time, be patient make sure your time management is done properly.

Use good strategies and dedication to drive traffic to your channel, especially if you are starting with zero subscribers it will take time for you to build your subscribers, be patient give it some time

Some stats on YouTube

  1. 6 Billion hours of video views a month

  2. 1.9 Billion users

  3. 500 hrs of video uploaded every minute

  4. 70% of views come from mobile devices

  5. 11m 24s per day time spent by visitors on an average

  6. In India, 93% of video watchers are watching YouTube

  7. Advertising revenue in 2020 in the US alone – $ 5.5 Bn

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